System Design & Installation

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Sit back, relax, and leave all the preparation of permits, inspections, and paperwork to us, while we streamline your custom solar panel installation from start to finish.

Feasibility study

We can't predict the weather stability for future decades to come, however we can produce detailed forecasts based on two decades of data from Environment Canada and do our part to help reduce or slow global warming.

The Feasibility Study includes:

  • Professional On-Site Inspection Analysis

  • Roof Measurements - System Sizing

  • Weight Load Analysis

  • Shade Analysis

  • Inspection of Electrical System and Meter

  • Financial Analysis, Costing, Financing Options . 

System design

After your Site Assessment and Feasibility Study are complete, we will use the information gathered to create a site specific design which optimizes the performance and appearance of your unique solar panel array project. We believe theres no point in taking part in a sustainable future, if the solution and materials used dont meet the standards and quality necessary to operate reliably and efficiently for decades to come.

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Once the Site Assessment, Feasibility Study and System Design are complete we will finalize all necessary permits and applications on your behalf to ensure a safe and expedient connection to your local electrical grid.System design.

Our professional installation crew will come to your home to put our drawings into place. 

We are aware that your home is not a construction zone, and will be sensitive to your needs as a homeowner. We keep our areas neat and tidy during the entire solar installation process and strive to be as small of a disturbance as possible to your daily schedule.

We understand our reputation rides on the perfection of our installs and client satisfaction and that is why we strive for perfection on every solar array installation.