Lovely old house

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11 Trina solar panels with a total of 2970 Wp

This lovely house in Haarlem is an existing pre-war building in which there was no neat solution in-house to place an inverter. The owner would not have hung a big inverter in sight in the stairway. So Avunet opted for micro-inverters from Enphase. These micro-inverters are placed behind each solar panel on the roof. They transform the energy of each panel directly to 220 Volt so there is no need for a big central inverter.

The main advantages of micro-inverters:

      • No "Single Point of Failure", when a central inverter fails none of your solar panels will work...

      • Maximum yield because each solar panel exploits the maximum light

      • This system can be extended easily

      • Monitor yield per solar panel via the (mobile) app

      • Very robust solution, 3x longer warranty on the inverters

Disadvantage of micro-inverters:

      • The initial purchase is higher than string inverters or power optimizers but it pays off over time!

Avunet mounted 8 Trina 270 Wp solar panels on a ramp with foundation tiles on the upper roof and 3 in a row on the extended construction below at the back of this house. A ramp makes it possible to put install more panels in a limited space. The foundation tiles are re-used to sustain the green environment.

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